Understanding the Importance of Title Tags on your Web Site.

If you've been to our Introduction to Search Engine Marketing class, you've heard us talk about the importance of the title tag for your website.

If you haven't had the chance to come, here's a quick recap to why you need to pay attention to the title tags of your web site.

What is a title tag?
The title is used to describe the contents of a page on your website to the search engines and users.

Where does the title appear?
The title tag will show up in the very top of any browser.

Why is the title tag so important?
The title tag is the FIRST place the search engine spiders will look when they come to crawl your site.
It will tell them what your web site is about.

Here's the rule though, EVERY PAGE on your web site should have a different title tag.  Meaning your homepage title will be different than your interior pages like your products and/or services pages.

The title tag is like a title to a book.  If you were to go into Barnes and Noble, and every book on the shelves had the same title, you wouldn't know which book to pick up if you were looking for a book on how to bake a cake, right?  So, this is the same for the spiders. 

They will assume that all the pages of your web site is about the same topic if they see the the same title for all of them.  They'll just say "oh is the same info, I don't need to waste my time to crawl and index it, let's move on to another web site."

You don't want this to happen because every page of your web site is about a different topic.
Schipul home page title - " Schipul - Houston Web Design Company with Texas and...."

Schipul SEM page title - "Search Engine Marketing Houston - Schipul's search engine..."

Notice that the home page title tag is different than our SEM service page title. 

Your title tag should contain 1 to 2 of your keywords.

Here's a Free Google Keyword Research Tool for you to use and instructions on how to use the keyword tool.

So now that you understand the importance of the title tag, how do you change it on your own web site?
Here's a help file: https://www.tendenci.com/help-files/can-i-sort-pages-by-tags/

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