How to Enable 4th and 5th Level Navigation Items

Content Dropdown: Navs Module

Tendenci 5 can now include 4th and 5th level navigations.

This allows you to have extra dropdowns on your site's main navigation if you have a large navigation structure or need the extra room.

Once you're logged into your site, click on the "Navs" module under the blue Content dropdown in your admin bar










 You'll be taken to this screen:




Select the navigation you would like to edit by clicking on the words "Main Navigation". You'll be taken here:




Hover over the Navs tab and select "Edit Nav Items"





From here you can click either the left or right arrows to adjust where your navigation items fall.

Level 1 items are the ones you will see on your navigation bar across your site.

Level 2 items are stationed under a Level 1 item, Level 3 items are stationed under a level 2 item and so on and so forth.




This functionality is available for all Tendenci 5 sites but it's NOT enabled by default. If you have questions or would like to enable it for your site, please give us a call at 281.497.6567 or send in a support request.