To make changes to your site navigation:

1. Go to your Theme Editor. (Apps > Theme Editor)


2. Open the header.html template from the Template List on the right-hand side.


3. Scroll down until you find the coding for your navigation. 


4. Add or edit your navigation items using the formatting syntax already in place.

  1. <a href> is the location of the page within your website.
  2. The words between <a href> and </a> are what will show up in your navigation.
  3. Be sure to use relative links ( /page/ ) instead of absolute links ( )

5. Click the Save Changes button.

6. Sit back and admire your new navigation!

The same process can be used to change your top level navigation items, however, changing the length of your top-level navigation items or adding additional items to the top-level navigation may negatively affect your layout. As with any change you make on your website, immediately view and test your changes and re-edit if needed.

Why are we using static files for our navigation?

In the second generation of the Tendenci Open Source product (T6), we decided to return to a static navigation file rather than use a database-driven Nav Editor. Why? The driving factors for any improvement to our software is looking forward!

1. Mobile responsiveness.

Tendenci uses Bootstrap3 as the framework for our mobile design. This allows your website, both the front-end usage and the back-end administration, to be accessbile across the increasing number of mobile devices on the market. In order to meet this demand, we are closely following the Bootstrap3 conventions.

2. Mega menus.

Mega menus allow you to incorporate dynamic, graphical navigations into your website for an enhanced user experience. Due to the complexity of the menu itself, using a static file to feed the menu is the cleanest way to ensure best response.


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