How do I use the H2 Handy Recorder?

The H2 Handy Recorder is a device designed to capture clear sound for interviews, bands, and general events while using a camera with minimal sound capabilities like the Flip Video Camcorder. This device can be used by itself with the built-in mic or you can opt to plug in an external mic like a lavalier microphone which works great for interviews.
To Prepare H2 for Recording with Lavalier Microphone:

- Check SD card slot at botton to verify card is inserted.
- Insert external microphone into right side (facing) plug labeled "EXT MIC IN".
- Slide Power button to turn on. (Botton Left)
- IMPORTANT: on lavalier microphone slide power button to "ON".
- Adjust MIC volume by switching "MIC GAIN" on right side to either LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH. Average sound level should be at -12 dbs.
- To check levels push record button to set "Record standby".
- To record press "record" button again until you see  steady red light.
- Press same button to stop.

Recording Without External Microphone:

- Slide power to on.
- "MIC ACTIVE" light should appear at top front.
- Choose recording mode:
    • 90 degree front - used for a narrow range using only the front microphone
    • 120 degree rear - used for covering a wide range using the backside microphone
    • Stereo Mode - You can record using the built-in mic and an external mic which are recorded on seperate channels.
        - 2 CH or 4 CH for the widest possible range of sound.

To Playback Last Recording:

- Press play/pause button under record button.
- To find previous recordings, press the skip back button to the left of the record button.
*Each recording will be given a name, EX: STE-001.wav*

To Import Files Into Computer:
- Make sure H2 is turned off.
- Plug USB cable into computer and into botton right plug on H2.
- Turn device on and press "MENU" botton.
- Next, press the REW button until you reach "USB" and press the REC key.
- Select "STORAGE" and press REC key.

 *Your computer should now see the device*

- Select device and open "FOLDER01" and drag files to computer.
- If you recorded 4CH sound, files will be found under "4CH" folder.

- After you are done, eject device from your computer and press "MENU" button on H2.