This video shows you how to upload your logo to your Tendenci Community Template Site once you've chosen a theme.

Video Transcript

Now that you've selected the theme for your Tendenci site, you’ll want to get started adding content. The first thing most people want to do is update the logo on their website and add their logo.

This can be a little bit tricky since each theme has a different size aspect ratio for the image. The aspect ratio is the percent based on the width compared to the height of the image space that we've incorporated into the theme. There's a help file that you'll find linked to this video that will list all of the different aspect ratios and/or heights and widths of the images for each of the different templates in pixels so that you can change your logo or other image to match those ratios before uploading them to the site -- if they don't look right the first time.

So, it's really simple to add the logo. As you can see, I'm logged and I've got my admin bar up here, and when I mouse over the logo here's the simple link, “upload logo.” This will not show up once you've already added a logo. However, you can change the image later, and I’ll show you how. But to begin, you simply select it to upload an image from your file. Here's the file we’ll see here and you'll click "upload logo." It will load the file onto your website and it will size it within that box. And...there's our logo! You can see it successfully saved.

And as I mentioned before, as I come over here now that upload logo option is not available anymore. The way you would change that logo, for example if you uploaded and it didn't look right because of the sizing and you need to redo it, you'd come over here to theme settings. Again that's on the admin bar, "themes" and then "theme settings." And down here you'll see logo, choose file. So, you can see the current file and what it looks like. And then you could simply select to upload a different logo.

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