This easy helpfile will guide you to find your global site settings. 

Your Tendenci website comes with default site settings built in. And we want to make sure these settings are updated to match your organization!


 To access your site settings:

1. Click on your profile then on "Site Settings"

Snapshot Site_Settings

 *Note: if you do not have access to view site settings you will need your access to your site updated to "Super User" Status


Changing your Site Settings

You will find a list of site settings on the page, we'll go through the one's you want to make sure to update.

Snapshot Global Site Settings


These include:

1. Currency Symbol

Snapshot Currency Symbol

2. Google Analytics UA Number 

4. Google API Key 

5. Merchant Account 



Google Analytics UA Number

Log in to your Google Analytics account and click on the ADMIN tab. Open the TRACKING INFO section and click on TRACKING CODE and copy paste it in your global site settings box under Google Analytics UA Number. 

Contact information for your organization

 Please find and update the following with your organizations information

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Admin Notice Recepient (This is an email address that will receive notice on all site activity)
  • Contact Name and Email (This is the email address that will show up in the reply on contact forms. Typically you'll want your President, Director, or your organizations name and email in these fields)
  • Phone Number
  • Webmaster Name and Email (Who is the technical contact for the website at your organization?)


  • Primary Keywords (This is typically the name of your organization)
  • Secondary Keywords (Words that people generally use to search for you online)

 Geographical Location and TimeZone

  • Update geographical location and timezone to match that of your headquarters or the location where most of your organizational activities take place.


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