Tendenci's new version T14 brings an exciting new newsletter feature that allows your newsletters to be set to send immediately or schedule a later date/time to send, and also allows you to send recurring newsletters at repeated regular intervals.

Newsletters Scheduling & Recurring Newsletters

To enable newsletters scheduling, please go to our Tendenci Read The Docs ( Documentation) and follow the steps to enable this new feature you don't want to miss out on. 

This is what the scheduling option looks like! See the images below. You can schedule your newsletter at your convenience. When you click the fields [Starts On], you will see a date and time picker. 

Screenshot Scheduling Feature Tendenci Help-file

Date and Time picker.

Screenshot Tendenci Newsletter Scheduler Date & Time Example

You have the option to choose the [Frequency] of your selected scheduled newsletter to be sent once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, for recurring newsletters you'd like to send out at regular intervals.

Screenshot Newsletter Scheduler Frequency Selection Help-file

[Repeats] offers you the option to repeat the frequency of your scheduled newsletter. In this example, I chose my newsletter to be sent out weekly three times which means for the next three weeks.

Screenshot Tendenci Newsletter Schedule Repeats Option Help-file

Check out our help-file How Do I Create a Newsletter


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