I need payment up front so I can order the right amount of food!

When setting up registration for an event, you can choose payment options and select whether payment is required.

If 'Payment required' is NOT CHECKED

If 'Payment required' is NOT CHECKED and you only allow an online payment type of credit card, registrants will see only that option for payment. This works in most cases.

However, if the registrant abandons payment, they are still counted in the 'registered/spots available' counts for the event.


If 'Payment required' is CHECKED

If 'Payment required' is CHECKED and the person submits their registration but abandons payment, the registered/available counts on the event screen will not change. You will see this person on your event roster in non-paid status and there are counts at the bottom that show non-paid vs. paid so that you can plan your event accordingly.

This allows you to follow up with someone who had good intentions but then due to lack of attention or computer issues, didn't complete the online payment process. If you contact them and they are not interested in attending, you can cancel their registration and this removes them from the roster. Be sure to also void their invoice. All of these options are directly available from the roster report.

Accepting a credit card payment after registration

If they do want to attend and pay online, you can direct them to www.yourdomain.org/py to make an online payment. Once you see that come through, you can mark the invoice as paid and they will be a fully registered guest.

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