When we developed Tendenci 5, our most current version of CMS platform, we added a plugin architecture which enables you to add and create new plugins to your Tendenci website. Think of plugins as mini-modules for adding custom content to your website.

We'll Install it For You, Free! 

If you are on the latest version of our Tendenci CMS and don't have the Videos Plugin installed, let us install it for you - we'll even install it for free! 

To ask us to install it, simply follow these 2 steps:

1) "Like" Tendenci on Facebook or Follow @Tendenci on Twitter, then 

2) Tweet to @Tendenci or Post a message on our Facebook wall asking for the Videos Plugin.

Make sure you include your Tendenci website's URL in your message! 

You can also install it yourself if you are on Tendenci 5.0 and we've included a video showing you how. 

Add a Video Gallery to Your Website (Tendenci 5.0)

The Videos Plugin enables you to add a video gallery to your website where you can share your videos directly on your website, use Tendenci's selective permissions settings to control who can view and cannot view the videos, and easily organize and search your videos using our category and tag tools. 

This short video will show you how to install the Videos Plugin yourself in about a minute.  Later this year, all new Tendenci sites will automatically include this feature.  

How to Install Tendenci Videos Plugin on Your Tendenci Website

One of Tendenci's most useful features is the video gallery plugin. This plugin allows you to add rich media from Youtube, Vimeo and other online video sharing sites, displays them in a gallery with tags for search engine optimization and the ability to find them. You can also add custom categories as you can see here on the right, that will allow you to categorize and organize your videos.

So for example if I click on the memberships module category, then I'm taken to the list of videos that I've categorized as being related to our memberships module training series. We will be including the video gallery plugin with all of our Tendenci community sites later this year and today I want to show you in this video how you can add this plugin right now for free in case you want it before it goes out in all of our software updates.

So now I'm logged in as an admin on a Tendenci community site and to get to the plugin application you'll come up to the admin menu under quick links and you'll click on the admin backend. So from here, you'll need to find this show advanced modules, click on it, and it will expand so now we have these pink highlighted fields that are our advanced modules. These are developer tools typically. And our plugin applications and manager, they are in here.

To add the video gallery plugin you're going to come to plugin manager, see where it says "Plugin Apps," you'll click on "Add." You can call this whatever you want. I'm just going to call it videos, that's what it will be called when we roll out the software.

The description can also be anything you want. In this case, I'm just going to call it "the Video gallery plugin." To install it, you'll need to type plugins.videos exactly as I've typed it in here. Check is installed and is enabled and then hit save.

So now you can see we have this new plugin and this is what it'll look like once you've installed it. It's called "Videos," you can see it's 2:33enabled and installed. So now if you return to your homepage under the admin navigation menu dropdown for content, you will now see a right hand side with plugins automatically is added and underneath it your first plugin, the videos gallery. In the next video I will show you how you can add videos to your site and how to use the videos plugin to create video galleries on your own website.

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