Subscribe a User to a Group, like Newsletters

One use is Newsletters.  You can send Newsletters to users who subscribe using your Newsletter form.  You can also create special interest groups in order to make your newsletters more targeted.

Here's a simple Newsletter Sign up form.  The form asks for the user's name, email, and phone number.  In the 5th form field, follow the instruction below to subscribe the user to a specified group:

1. Create a Form Field

2. For Type, select Checkbox

3. Under Special Functionality, select "Subscribe to Group (Automatic)"

4. Keep the Required checkbox selected

5. Remove the check next to Visible 

6. Under Choices type the name of the Group you would like the user to be subscribed to, in this case, Newsletter.  (In other uses: maybe you're conducting a survey and want to be able to follow up with the Group of people who answered.   You can create a Group and add them this way as well.)

7. By making the Default "Yes," anyone who fills out this form will be automatically subscribed to the Group.


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