How to Add a Profile Photo to your Tendenci user profile on a Tendenci site.

How to Add a Profile Photo Steps:

Step 1 - Navigate to your profile by clicking your username in the top right corner of the Superuser Bar


Step 2 - Click on your profile photo (if you have not previously added a photo, you will see the generic figure)


Step 3 - Upload your photo

Be sure to click "Choose File" to choose your photo first, then click "Upload New Image" to upload the photo to your profile


Tendenci will crop your profile photo to a square, so it is best to start with a square photo ahead of time if at all possible.

If you want to make more changes to your profile photo

After you have uploaded a profile photo, you can upload a new photo using the same steps as above. From your user profile, click youe photo again to upload a new profile image if you like.

From this screen you will see the previous profile images you've uploaded. You can change your photo to one of your previously uploaded photos, or upload a new photo.


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