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[T4] Newsletters - Formatting my newsletter with my own text and skip dynamic text

You can add your own text and formatting to your newsletters by skipping all modules on the first page of the newsletter generator.

1. Generate your newsletter. When you see the section Module Content used to pull content from other Tendenci modules, click the Do not include Module Content link.  This will allow you to skip all module content and it will close the section on the page.

When you have set all of your options, Submit the page.

2. You should be taken to a view screen to review the items that you have just set up.

3. Click the yellow link on the right that says edit email and it will take you to edit mode of the newsletter that you are creating.

4. The wysiwyg editor will appear, make any additions or changes just like you would do in an article or CMS page and hit submit.


5. You will be taken back to the view page in step 2, click the link that says view email to preview it in a new window and follow step 3 and 4 until you get the newsletter the way that you want it to look. 

6. Once the newsletter looks good, go ahead and send.