Tendenci's software creates an event Roster for each of your events that has a list of event registrants and important information about your attendees to help you manage your events more easily. Here's the help file on how to find and print your Event Roster for your next event! 

** Things to Note ** 

You must have advanced permissions access to manage events, either by logging into your Super User account or having a Super User grant you permission to the Events Module. 

There's nothing in this help file that will tell you how to get the physical printer in your office printing this roster due to connectivity/interoperability issues because we just can't predict what printer you're using with what PC/MAC/Mobile device. If you get stuck with this step then please contact your preferred IT guy or email us at support@tendenci.com (billable hourly rate for support services will apply). 

You need to have created an event and at least one person needs to have registered for that event before you'll see any contacts on your Event Roster. 

Step 1) Find the Event Roster

1) Navigate to the Event Details Landing Page that you need the roster for. This will have a url that looks something like: http://yourwebsite.org/events/# where the "#" represents numeric digits for that event. This could look like /events/2 or /events/4223. 

2) Click on the "Events" tab menu to dropdown the list of options and settings available for managing this and other events. Scroll down to the "This Event" section.

3) Click on "Roster Report" to see the event roster. Here's a screenshot of an example Roster:


From here, you'll find tools to filter, search and sort your event registrants. You can also view important details at a glance in the Roster such as who's paid and who has an outstanding balance, guests of registrants details, any special comments, and more.



Step 2) Print the Event Roster

Depending on your web browser of choice, you'll have different ways to find and print the roster. Here's the two most common methods for sending a print page request to your printer:

You can navigate to the "File" option - great for Firefox users, to find the Print option for the page:


Select the "landscape" layout option for the optimal print format when your printer's options come up. 


Follow your on screen instructions to print copies of the Roster. 

Step 3) Bonus Roster Tips 

  • Comments about special requests and dietary restrictions are included on the Event Roster, so you can print it and share with your venue's coordination team and anyone who needs to handle the meals and seating arrangements. 
  • Print multiple copies of the Roster for your team at the event's sign-in/registration desk. As people arrive, you can "check in" your guests with a pen or pencil, then go back to your website Roster and collaborate the individual Rosters to mark Guests as having attended in your website. This will help track who's attending your events and who couldn't make it out. 
  • Better yet - use tablets or laptops with wi-fi at your event's registration desk and check in your guests through Tendenci's Event Roster online. You can have a team of volunteers checking in people, all logged in with their own user accounts and checking in guests live during the event to save time. 



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