Tendenci's Event Calendar has a feature that enables you to create "addons" for items that you want to add as an additional option with your event registrations. This help file will show you how to use the Event Addon feature to add, edit, and delete event addons for your organization's events. Just a few examples of when you might use the Event Addon feature include:

  • Special Pre or Post-Event reception or party that only registrants of the main event can RSVP to attend
  • Offer a T-Shirt to event registrants
  • Sell a book or bonus training material related to the event to event registrants

You can opt to charge an additional price for event addons or offer them for free.

Now in T12 sites, add-ons can default to Yes to require opt-out!

Steps to Create an Event Addon

1) You'll need to first create the event itself before you can create event addons. 

**Take Note: Addons are specific to individual events, so if you create multiple Addons for an event, these Addons are only going to apply to that event.**

2) After you've created the event, go to the event's detail page and find the dropdown tab menu for Events:


3) Click on "Add Addon" to create a new Addon for this event, and "Edit Addons" to edit Addons you've already made for the event.

4) This will take you to the Addon's add/edit form and here you will fill out the following details for your event addon:

  • select a title for the addon
  • set the price you want to charge for the addon, (this can be 0 for free addons)
  • set the permissions settings for who can see and select the addon when they register, (ie general public, members only, specific groups)
  • enter the available options for the addon that registrants will need to select when they purchase the addon, (for example: t-shirt sizes, color of an item, flavor of food)
  • Now in T11 sites, you can default to "yes" to require opt-out


After you have filled out the fields on the form, Save your changes and your addon is immediately available for event registrants to use when they register for your event.

The Addon will display on your event registration form, below the fields asking for your visitor's registration details (name, email, comments, etc.). 

Here is a screenshot that shows the example we created for an add-on that attendees can register and purchase along with their registration for the event:


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