Operating your non profit organization, small business or association on a tight budget, but still want to run a powerful marketing campaign? Not to worry!

Using a combination of Web marketing strategy, smart communication and your Tendenci-driven Web site you can effectively communicate and tackle your organizational goals with maximum results.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
1. Follow the Web Marketing Fundamentals
Start things off right with a simple and professional Web site design based on the essential Web Marketing Fundamentals.

2. Keep it fresh!
Regularly update your Web site with new content to keep things interesting for your visitors and to boost your search engine ranking.
Use our free Search Engine Optimization tools to look at your keyword density and customer-focused verbiage

3. Keep in touch
Touch base with your members and visitors via emails and newsletters (check out our DIY email marketing tips here).

4. Engage and interact with your members
Encourage your members to engage and interact with each other on your Web site
1. Add your colleagues and acquaintances to your User Connections
2. 'Favorite' the best content on your site
3. Rate the content on your site
4. Maintain your User Profile with all of your social network identities - such as LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter and many more!

5. Get Social!
Use Social Media tools to reach out and connect:
1. Blogging - Your Tendenci-driven Web site lets you integrate your Blog seamlessly into your Web site. This is a great way to increase your traffic with great keyword-rich content and keep your branding consistent!
2. Podcasts - Stream your audio podcast content at the click of a button on your Tendenci-driven Web site.
3. Online photo sharing
4. Social bookmarking

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