Corporate Memberships Settings

Before you get started with Corporate Memberships, you'll want to review your Corporate Memberships settings.

You can find your Corporate Membership Module Settings from your superuser top bar Navigation menu, under "People." Click on the Settings Widget to the right of Corporate Members to go to the Module's Settings.  The Corporate Membership Module settings allow you to enable or disable the module, and configure other module superuser settings. 

Corporate Membership Settings Tendenci

 You have the ability to change the module name and URL, but we don't recommend doing that unless you absolutely need to. The setting that is most important is determining who will receive Admin notifications related to this module.

Tendenci Corporate Memberships Settings

**Be sure to designate one or more superusers who will receive corporate membership notices and can review and approve new memberships and renewals. To do this - enter one or more email addresses in the "Corporate Membership superuser notice recipients" field.  Separate email addresses by a comma (ie,,