Tendenci's Events Calendar has a "Clone Event" feature that allows you to copy an event's details, speakers, organizer, and pricing options to create a new calendar event. 

Why You Might Clone an Event

When you clone an event, you are making an *almost* identical copy or duplicate of your event.  You can save time using Tendenci's Clone Event feature if you have similar events.  

Here are just a few examples of when you'd save time cloning an event: 

  • Monthly recurring event with the same organizer, location, and pricing options but maybe a different speaker and/or topic

  • Annual Gala with multiple custom pricing options

  • Training Class or Workshop that spans multiple days and has the same description, speakers, and location

How to Clone an Event

Cloning an event is very easy.  Here are the steps to duplicate and then edit cloned events:

1) Go to the Event page that you want to clone.

2) Mouse-over the Events tab to display the drop down menu options, and click on "Clone Event".  

Here's a screenshot:


3) Tendenci will create a copy of your event, and you will go to an edit page of your event with a green success message explaining you are now able to edit the cloned event. 


4) Update any information on the cloned event that you need to change from the previous event details.  This could include part or all of the event description, the event title, the start and end dates and times, speaker profiles, and any other details that are different from the initial event you copied.

You will want to make sure you update the date and time of the event if this event will occur on a different day, and check your different event prices' start and end dates/times.


5) Make sure you make the event "Public" or customize the permissions levels for the event as you require.  When Tendenci clones an event, it always automatically sets the new event to private/superuser only while you edit and update it.  

6) Review the new event details and press "Save" at the bottom of the event edit page.  

And you're done! 

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Check out our Video Help File that shows you how to set-up Event Types and Add a New Event. 

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