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Have you taken a dive into the Social Media Marketing world?  Here are the top ways to increase traffic and build community around your Social Media Marketing content online:

  1. Post good, timely, original content worth coming back for
  2. Add new content as frequently humanly possible (2-3 times a week minimum)
  3. Watch your tone (inside Blog voice please)
  4. Interact with your readers
  5. Comment and participate on other sites and Blogs
  6. Encourage subscriptions to your RSS feeds
  7. Be linkable
  8. Tag your content
  1. Post good, timely, original content worth visiting your site for
    When writing and posting new content make it interesting, unique and completely worth a visitor's trip to your site.   Engage your readers with links to relevant content on other Blogs, 'Top 10 Lists', your commentary on current events related to your Blogging topic, book and site reviews -- basically anything that establishes you as an interesting content expert.

    A simple way of looking at this is to ask yourself - 'Would anyone but my mother/significant other want to read  and find value in this?'  Yes?  Then go to it already!

  2. Add new content as frequently humanly possible (2-3 times a week minimum)
    Keep it fresh - to keep a captive audience, you must must must offer your visitors new content to consume when they visit your site. 

    There are no rules on number of times you must post, but more is better.  Shoot for 2-3 times a week at a minimum.  Worried that you won't have enough post about?  Keep it simple - on a slow posting day include links of interest or other easy-to-create content.  This will help you maintain your sanity and keep your visitors happy!

  3. Watch your tone (inside Blog voice please)
    One of the biggest challenges in establishing a Social Media presence is finding your voice.   This can sometimes take a while, so be sure to keep it authentic and genuinely 'you' as you are starting to post Social Media content online.

  4. Interact with your readers
    Part of building your Social Media community is actually being an active part of your community.  Be sure to respond to comments on your Web site, check out your visitor's online work and reply to emails you receive via your site.

    MyBlogLog is an interesting way to watch who visits your site (and who visits your favorite sites elsewhere online):  Click on your visitors' profiles and give them some love!

  5. Comment and participate on other sites and Blogs
    Have you heard the phrase 'You must spend money to make money'?  It goes the same way in the Social Media world.  Be generous with your comments and links on other Web sites, Blogs, podcasts, etc. 

    Make friends and participate on other sites and online communities - this will help spread great branding impressions, keep you in the know on great information elsewhere and may possibly supply you with some really great professional contacts and buddies.
  6. Encourage subscriptions to your RSS feeds
    Make it easy to subscribe to your Web site's RSS feeds and let your visitors consume your content on their terms.  Include prominent icons and links - possibly with instructions or simple explanatory text ('get automatic site updates!') if your visitors are less than tech savvy.

  7. Be linkable - Make it easy for your content to be social bookmarked, Digg, etc.
    Include simple social bookmarking links on your site and/or at the end of your content posting.  This helps your visitors 'vote' for your content on other social sites and makes it easy to remind themselves where they found your great content!

  8. Tag your content
    Tag your content with good keywords to help categorize your Social Media content.  This helps organize your content and makes you more easily findable on sites like Technorati (  Read this help file on tagging your Tendenci site content here!

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