"I've been collecting contact information from networking events and now want to add these contacts to my website. What is the best way to do this?"

You have a couple of options depending on the information collected and how you want to interact with these contacts moving forward.

1. Complete your own Contact Form or Newsletter Signup Form.

Screenshot of Newsletter Sign Up Form

Do this while NOT logged in as a Superuser. Depending on how your forms are set up, this will require the basic information you need to add them as well as put them in the default Group and other Groups specified in your form. Contacts added this way go in as non-interactive, meaning you can send to them but they cannot log into your website.

2. Add them directly into the Users module.

Screenshot of Tendenci Users Module Menu

For a more complete profile, including the options to add secondary email addresses and login privileges, add these contacts directly into your Users module. 

Community > Users > Add User

3. Import the contacts in bulk.

Screenshot of User Import feature on Tendenci

If you have collected a large number of contacts, you may find it quicker to import them from your spreadsheet. Importing allows you add contacts with whatever information you have for that person. When importing, you also have the option to match existing records so you don't overwrite current contacts and options for groups and interactive status.

Community > Users > Import

See Importing Users Into Tendenci for more information.

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