Event Templates for Faster and More Standardized Event Management

Using Event Templates

Event templates, now offered in your T11 site, offer a quick and easy way to add pre-populated event fields for common events.

  • Fields are the same as when adding an event - you can add all the information that will not change from event to event, such as location, pricing or registration, but can change details such as event title, speaker or organizer for each individual event.


  • Templates allow standardization - useful especially when multiple users or members are adding events.


  • Pre-populated fields in a template allow you to save time when adding events.


..Because who wants to sit there and fill all of that out on a Friday afternoon??


Step 1: Add an event template.

Use your events module under "Apps", 3."Events" to add an event template.

Event Template

Here, I have added an event template for an event called "Regular Event" at $10.00 registration.  You may add as many or as few details in the template as you'd like (some fields are required) , depending on which details you'd like to remain consistent across events.


Step 2: Add an event using your template.

Use you events module under "Apps", 3."Events" to add an event.

Use event template


..As you can see below, certain fields are pre-populated with the details you've added in the template.

Event Add Using Template


And voila!  Your regular events can be quickly added using templates moving forward.  You will still be able to edit any details that change from event to event, such as speaker or organizer.

Check out some other event help-files for more features!


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