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[T4] Newsletters - Adding a Quick Newsletter with dynamic site content

Watch our Help Video or read the instructional text below.

It's easy to send a fast email update to your site members by creating a quickie newsletter that automatically pulls content from your Web site.  You select what modules you want information from and the date range and - voila! - you have an entire newsletter without typing a single word.

  1. Select the 'Generate Newsletter' icon in your Admin Only box on the Tendenci console page

  2. On the newsletter generator template page, complete the following:
    1. Select the Usergroup you want to send your newsletter to
    2. Re-name your Newsletter subject title
    3. The Tendenci modules you want to either Skip or Include
    4. The timeframe you want your selected modules to pull information from
    5. If you have more than one, select what template design you want to apply to your newsletter

  3. Click 'Submit' to save your content selections - this will not send your newsletter yet!

  4. Review your newsletter by clicking the 'View Email' highlighted link in Step 2

  5. If you want to make any revisions to your newsletter after viewing, click the 'Edit Email' highlighted link in Step 2

  6. When you are ready to send your email, check the 'I agree' button next to the Privacy Policy in Step 4

  7. Then check the 'Send email' box and click the 'Send email' button to actually send the email to your selected Usergroup