How to Add a Single User to a Group

1. On the Tendenci 5 dashboard, click the Groups icon.

2. You'll see the list of Groups on your website.  Choose the Group you want to add the member to and click on More Options and then click Add Member.

4. Search for the person you'd like to add under Available Members and choose the username or email address for the User you would like to add to the Group.

5. Click on the arrow to move them over to Chosen Members

6. Click Save.

7.  Now, on the Groups page, you'll be able to see how many users are in the Group.

8. If you click on the Group name, you can also see the details of the group, including the users in the group.




How to Add or Import Multiple or Bulk Users to a Group

1. Click on the Import Users link in the Superuser Quick Links section of the Tendenci 5 dashboard.

2. Click on the .xsl or .csv template to download the template file.  Add your data to the file.  Keep the first row of the template with the headers.

3. When you are done formatting your template file, click Choose File.

4. You can choose to make the Users Interactive or Non-Interactive (no login).  Also, you can identify duplicates in your users by a variety of options including email, username, firstname, lastname, and company.  This way you can avoid adding users that may already be in Tendenci.

5. Select the Group you would like to add the Users to.

6. If you would like to delete all existing members of group and then import fresh, check off the Reset Group Before Importing box.

7. Click the Preview Import button.  This gives you a preview of the information about the users before you actually import to double check for any issues.

8.  If it looks good, click Import Users.

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