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Our #1 priority is helping you succeed with your online web marketing and email marketing is a critical component to your success.  Email marketing has an ROI of $44 for every $1 spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.  Additionally, 93% of email users want to receive email from at least one of their favorite consumer brands compared to just 15% opt-in on Facebook and a measly 4% opt-in on Twitter, according to Chris Brogan

That's why Tendenci has built-in integration with Campaign Monitor's email marketing software to simplify your newsletter marketing.  This help file is going to provide you with links to some of the more frequently requested support documents on Campaign Monitor's website and give you an overview of how to access your newsletter campaign tools from inside your Tendenci website.  

Newsletter and Campaign Terminology

When you are reading the support documentation and watching our training videos, you will hear terms related to Tendenci's software and Campaign Monitor's software and how they integrate with each other.  Here are some definitions for the more confusing references made throughout our help files on the newsletter module:

Subscriber - refers to someone who is on your newsletter subscriber list and this list is saved in your Campaign Monitor software

Subscriber List - a list of your newsletter subscribers stored on your Campaign Monitor account.  You can have multiple lists and customize the list names to create segmented campaigns.

tendenci-people-admin-nav-menu.gifUser - refers to registered users on your Tendenci website.  Users can also be members but membership isn't a requirement. 

User Groups or Groups - refers to the Tendenci module that allows you to organize your users into customizable groups.  Each time you create a new User Group on Tendenci, Tendenci creates a Subscriber List using the same name as the Group.  

Members - refers to people who have applied and been approved as members on your Tendenci website.  Members are organized on your website based on their membership type selected on their membership application.

Membership Type - refers to the custom types of memberships/members on your Tendenci website that you created when you set-up your site's Membership Module.  Each membership type you create automatically creates a subscriber list in Campaign Monitor using the same name as the membership type.  

You can find instructions on setting up your Membership Module in our Membership Module Training Series Help File.  

What You Can Do with Campaign Monitor Inside Tendenci

If you are logged in as a Superuser on your Tendenci website, here are things you can do inside our Campaign Monitor Newsletter Module without leaving your website: 

Newsletter Templates:

  • Upload New Templates
  • Edit and Delete Templates
  • Preview Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Campaigns:

  • View Sent Campaigns Statistics including the number of subscribers who received the campaign view the newsletter sent, date sent, subject of the newsletter
  • View Saved Campaign Drafts
  • Add New Campaigns and automatically include content from your website in your newsletters

Add New Subscribers and Subscriber Lists:

  • Add a newsletter subscribe form that automatically adds subscribers to your Campaign Monitor subscriber lists and segments them
  • Automatically add new members on your Tendenci website to your email subscriber lists on Campaign Monitor
  • Create custom segmented email subscriber lists by creating Groups and adding Users and Members to the Groups to automatically add them to the email subscriber lists

**You can add a user to multiple user groups and they are also added to each of those groups' matching subscriber list in Campaign Monitor.


What You Can Do From Campaign Monitor's Dashboard

When you click on the "Go To Campaign Monitor" link from your Campaign Tab drop-down menu in Tendenci, you are taken to your email newsletter marketing dashboard built on Campaign Monitor's software.  From here, you can create and send email marketing campaigns, create A/B test campaigns, view reports from past campaigns, and tons more! 

Visit Campaign Monitor's website to view the full list of features included when you use their software for your email marketing. 

Tendenci Newsletter Marketing Links and Resources

We have monthly webinars that walk you through how to get great email marketing results using Tendenci and Campaign Monitor.  You can find the next email marketing webinar and register on our Training Calendar.  

You can also find past webinar training presentations and download a copy of the presentation by visiting our page on Improving Your Email Marketing Results with Tendenci.

Avoid fines and getting blacklisted by following our Recommend Policies and Guidelines for Sending Email Newsletters

Learn more about your email newsletter template options available when you sign-up for our basic Tendenci Community Email Marketing Plan. 

Find out pricing and other frequently asked questions on our Pricing Page.

Campaign Monitor Support Links and Resources

You can learn more about how to use Campaign Monitor's different email marketing software features on their website.  Here are some links to the most frequently requested newsletter help resources:

  1. Campaign Monitor's Support Page
  2. Managing lists and subscribers
  3. Using Campaign Monitor's Reporting Tools
  4. Creating and Sending newsletters from your Campaign Monitor Dashboard

Still Looking for an Answer on Tendenci's Newsletter Module? 

Request a Help File or visit our Support Desk Forums and we'll retrieve your answer right away! 

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