Photo Album


What's the first thing people look for after a great event? Photos! Photo sets are a great way to keep the fire going after an event and encourage more registrants for the next one.

Adding photos to your site is super easy!



Add the set

First, create the set. You can always uncheck the Activefield while you build out the set.  

To add a photo set, hover over Content on the Admin Bar and click the green plus next to photo albums, or Click here to create a photo set.


Add the photos

Then select the photos to be uploaded to that set and add titles, captions and tags!



Why put photos here instead of on another photo sharing web site?

Because YOU want the traffic! Instead of letting someone else host your photos, put your photos on your own site. Then you can link them to all your communications and promotions! Give access to the photo upload module to all your volunteer photographers and they can do the work! Then LINK LINK LINK!

Now, how exactly are we going to link to all of this fabulous content? Read on to learn how to customize your site navigation!



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