Calendar Events


Events are a great source of knowledge transfer, networking and income for your organization! Use your site to build excitement through promotion, sharing of details and early registration pricing!



Adding Events

When adding Events in Tendenci, you will be able to:

  • Add complete event details

  • Include speaker info and images

  • Accept multiple payment types, including online payment (requires vendor account set up)

  • Set multiple pricing tiers

Click here to add an event.

Event Calendar Display

Use Event Types to color-code events for display on the site calendar. This is a quick way for your site visitors to separate meetings from deadlines, luncheons from galas!



Event Management

As the event approaches, you can use the flexibility of Tendenci to smoothly carry out all the last minute details. You can quickly:

What better way to promote this month's event than to show photos of your last awesome event? Read on to learn how to add photos to your site!



Photo Album