Homepage Content And Tags


Now that you are comfortable with adding content, let's look at some ways to use that content creatively.


Displaying Content on the Home Page

The site template selected may display some of your content on the homepage of your site. If you have an Events block on the homepage - or maybe an Articles block - these items will automatically display as they are entered.


Other types of content will use Tags to determine what displays on the home page.


Using Tags

When adding content, you will often see a Tags field. Tags are used to pull various types of content to the Home Page of your website. In the following layout, the central image of the koala is a photo associated with a story titled Community Day at the Zoo.


Note the four parts to the story: image, title, summary, and link to read more. (Click here to pull up the Add Story screen.) In order to get this story to appear in the Rotator section of the site template, the word “rotator” is put in the Tags field for this story when adding.


You can designate multiple stories with the rotator tag and your home page will rotate through all designated stories. Most sites have 3-5 stories targeted for rotation.

Other sections of your template will use different tags to display the story in different places with different formatting. Look for the tag label as you roll over each portion of the page.



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