Adding Site Content


Content takes on many different forms:

  • Pages

  • Articles and News

  • Stories

  • Events

  • Photo Albums

  • And more!

Adding content in Tendenci is very simple. Hover over content on the admin bar, then click the green plus sign next to the type of content you would like to add. Let's look at some examples.




Pages are simply that - web pages that live on your web site. Pages on your site will include things like About Us and Benefits of Membership.

To add a page, simply hover over contenton the admin bar, then click the green plus sign next to pages. Click here to add a page.


Enter a page Title and Content. Note the friendly content editor that lets you format your text as if you were using a common word processing program! You can also insert images or other media files, such as video or sound clips, to add excitement to your page!


Note also that the default URL path is based on the title. You will use this to reference this page later when you are editing your site navigation.

First draft not your best work? We get that. In Tendenci, you have the option to uncheck the Active box if you are not ready for the page to be visible to the public.

To reaccess and edit this page in the future, click the Pages icon in the Dashboard and click Edit.

Tada! You are building your site!


Articles and News

Most of the latest and greatest from your group will show up in Articles and News. (or your Blog!)


Post your article or news story using a very similar interface as with Pages. Click here to add an article.

When a site visitor clicks on Read our Latest News, they will see a list of your Articles or News stories. You may also display a few of the most recent Articles on the homepage of your site.



Stories refer to articles outside of your organization that you want to highlight on your site.

For example, if you see an in-industry story on another website that would be of interest to your people, you can add a reference and photo to your site that points back to the original source. It is a great way to share links with another organization and continually provide fresh and relevant content for your users!


Click here to add a story. Read on to learn about getting stories and articles to show up on the homepage of your site!



The Jobs module on Tendenci allows you to post job offerings on your website, and for potential employees to respond by posting resumes.


You, or others that you grant the permission to, can create new jobs for users to browse and apply for. Like all other forms of content, you can create a job by hovering over Content in admin bar, then clicking the green plus next to Jobs. Click here to add a job.



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