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10 Oct, 2017 12:30

I'm currently evaluating Tendenci to see if it will be a fit. I need a couple of public facing pages that would list members. I need a page for each membership type with members listed by last name alphabetically, a page for each membership type with members listed by last name alphabetically, grouped by city/state, and a page to list all members filtered by first letter of their last name (so I could provide a link to list all members whose last name starts with 'A', 'B', etc). I've been able to extend custom templates through my theme folder but the first issue I ran into was all of the profile pages seem to require the end user to be logged in before they can view profile listings. I went to User Settings and set 'Anonymous User Searching User' to true but that still seems to require login before viewing the '/profiles/search/' page.

I was curious if it is possible to have public facing user/profile listing pages and if so if you could point me in the general direction of where to get started. I an not familiar with django but I noticed tendenci/apps/profiles/ appears to be enforcing the required login to view profile pages. I'm not sure if that means what I'm trying to accomplish is outside of the work that can be done through themes and I need to look into building a custom app.

I'm using version 7.3.10

10 Oct, 2017 14:56

Yes, people are very particular about what information they want out there so currently it is designed to require a login. Although you might want to check if all of the users are set to status=1 and status_detail=active . Note however if you have registration turned on and they are automatically listed as a user which is visible in search engines, then you get spammers and such putting their URL in as their first name.

A couple of other different options:

You can add a Group which is tied to a committee. Then you can add the users to that committee and filter content for a committee page.

This client is on an older version of the software but you can see the concept:

Another option is to use the directories module at: Directories Module

I hope this helps! smile

06 Nov, 2017 08:38

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Edited 06 Nov, 2017 08:43