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Module Functionality Based on Tendenci Version

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25 May, 2016 15:38

Thank you for posting the specifics. Looked at that feature to see if it is available in the current version of the software. That specific feature is not available in your version of the software nor in any of the later versions of the software. It looks like that help video was initially created in 2012. Since then there have been many evolution in the software. Sometimes features are removed because they aren't being utilized regularly but most likely that feature was not working as it should have or causing significant issues when utilized so was eliminated.

23 Sep, 2016 19:36

You asked: "My question is why can't we use different custom registration forms for different pricing if that is supposed to be available?"

Custom registration forms for events are tied to the event type. A work around is to add two events (kids registration and adult registration). Currently there is no plan to implement this functionality within one event because of past experience with people abusing it. (e.g. registering as a kid instead of an adult and skipping the step of entering xyz data the client needs.)

Feel free to add it as an issue on github for a future version or if you are a developer submit a pull request from the master branch. Experience tells me that this can be easily abused and whatever the implementation is should be set to default "no". This isn't a software thing - it's a "human" thing.