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Module Functionality Based on Tendenci Version

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05 May, 2016 13:40

Are some modules inaccessible based on the version of tendenci your site is currently running? For example, we are trying to use Discount Codes but they are not working for our site (running on version 5). Based on all of the documentation on how to use these features it should be working but we do not get any error codes nor does the discount code get applied to the total when checking out for an event.

Same is true when we try to enable Donations. Are these not working because we're on an older version of Tendenci?

05 May, 2016 14:28

Thank you for the question! One of our team will take a look at this and provide information to answer your questions.

Best, Rebecca

05 May, 2016 15:25

Following up on your earlier question:

Yes, you will run it more issues with errors being on an older version. Version 5 will reach support end date this year and we are no longer developing new functionality on it. I'm opening up a ticket so we can fix the bug for you on discount codes and look into the donations, but come November 2016 when support ends for T5, we'll no longer be able to fix little bugs like this. Similar to the life cycle with cell phones, if you have an older version of the phone you'll notice it starts running slower and getting more buggy when the technology is outdated.
We recommend that all users on T5 start planning to do an upgrade before the end of 2016. If you can shoot an email on over to communciations@tendenci.com,I'd be happy to set up some time to discuss what all an upgrade would entail. Best regards, Rebecca

10 May, 2016 12:14

Is there a status update on fixing the bug on this issue?

10 May, 2016 13:29

I've gone ahead and added you as the main contact for the ticket so you will be notified as soon as this fix is completed.

21 May, 2016 13:00

In addition to the previous question, is the functionality of allowing multiple custom registration forms for events only available on version 6 and higher? Right now all we see is the ability to use one custom registration form for all pricings.

23 May, 2016 09:17

Thanks for your question. The custom registration is tied in with the event itself rather than the pricing. There will only be 1 custom registration form for each event in all versions of the software.

23 May, 2016 12:23

As per your post, why on the YouTube video does it give you two options once you check the box for "Use Custom Registration Form?" When I check the box all I see is the "Use one form for all pricing" but based on the video and forum you should be able to use a separate form for each of the pricing. Is this not correct? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXyb4U2mFfk

23 May, 2016 12:59

Could you post a screen shot of what you are seeing on your site so I can better understand?


23 May, 2016 13:10

This is what I see on the YouTube video and in all of the documentation provided by Tendenci showing our options for custom registration forms.

This is what I actually see on our end. You'll notice the "Use separate form for each pricing (if checked, select a form for each pricing below) is not available.

My question is why can't we use different custom registration forms for different pricing if that is supposed to be available?