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Membership form

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25 Feb, 2016 18:29

I'm attempting to configure a membership form. When filling out the membership form and clicking "Submit" I get: There were some problems in the form. Please review. Thanks! Membership Type - This field is required.

Nothing appears for "Membership Type". In the membership form editor I see: Section 3. Membership Type [show=on] [required=off] Membership Type [show=on] [required=on]

I don't understand why the Membership Type doesn't appear in the membership form. Screenshots attached.

Edited Previously I was modifying the membership "fields". I did verify that the section and "Membership Type" belong to the "membership app."

Edited 25 Feb, 2016 19:24
26 Feb, 2016 10:06

Hi Teruo, Great question.

Based on what you have described, offering the following as possible fix.

On your membership application there is a multiselect field "Membership Type*" right underneath the notes section.

Can you take a look and make sure one or more of the membership types has been selected?

Added screenshot of what area looks like.

Please let me know what happens!

26 Feb, 2016 10:28

Tried to attach a screen shot before. Second attempt.

26 Feb, 2016 10:40

Another screen shot

23 Sep, 2016 18:43

It is not uncommon on an application for tendenci admins to set

display = no required = no admin-only = yes

They do this for grant applications for example so they can fill in a field on the back end with "approve" or "possible" etc before exporting to excel for submission for grants. Hence that is the first place I would suggest you check. This is an older post so excuse the delay replying.

Closing the topic but if it is still an issue feel free to create a new one.