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Best practice for do not contact fields

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08 Apr, 2016 18:03

Hi, Because laws are starting to get stricter around contacting people by email/phone I'm in the process of implementing those restrictions in my tendenci instance.

My question is should i be using groups and excluding everyone in the 'do not email/call' group (my current setup) or would user defined fields be a better way of managing this?

Personally I think these should be standard fields, perhaps they could be added to user profiles in a future release?

Edited 08 Apr, 2016 18:04
23 Sep, 2016 18:59

I'm late to reply but this should already be in there. Because people can be crazy there are two options.

1) On an individual profile change the "receive email" field to "no" which blocks email. Example on demo site is at https://demo.tendenci.com/profiles/edit/83/

2) The final option - email blocks. This blocks the system from EVER sending an email to a given email address. However I just tested it and it appear s to be broken on t7. Uuuugh. I'll add an issue on github but the concept is already in there: https://github.com/tendenci/tendenci/blob/66e62280c58a9a19bf2fe6f9e7645e9b123c9f14/tendenci/apps/email_blocks/

23 Sep, 2016 19:07

closing this topic and moved email blocks over to issues on github at https://github.com/tendenci/tendenci/issues/514