payment gateways

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13 Jan, 2016 00:28

Is there support for Australian payment gateways, e.g. securepay available for tendenci or would we need to implement our own?

20 Jan, 2016 10:11

If you wanted to use securepay that would have to be implemented on your own. We currently have a few options for gateways. The payment gateways that are supported are include, paypal, and stripe.

20 Jan, 2016 14:50

gateways from are here. Most of the gateways are somewhat duplicate "white labels" of a few majors so you may just need to find out what is under the hood.

# ---------------------------------------#
# ---------------------------------------#
# authorizenet, firstdata (the first two)

# paypalpayflowlink (currently US only unfortunately per PayPal)

# stripe

There are a few others we used to support and didn't post to github because so few clients used them. But if you know the exact name or can link me to the api for the provider I may be able to be more specific.

You can also post to github as a feature request here: (although we've gotten a bit behind since the big push to get 7,1 up to pypi (it is now))

20 Jan, 2016 15:23

Thanks both,

The main contender we are looking at is SecurePay, . There are a couple of starting points for integration which I have found but not yet reviewed: (coincidentally written by a free software advocate "not far" from here in Victoria)

There are a handful of others but things will firm up in the coming month/s and we'll know which we are looking to go with at that stage.

Depending on the development involved in getting things integrated we may attempt to update/expand the libraries above to suit our needs or outsource the development.

28 Jan, 2016 00:13

That would be awesome. Add to the project on github so you can create an issue, pull request and merge and get full credit. We will (eventuallly) get unit tests and selenium tests in place for all of these providers. We may not check github quite as often, but make no mistake this should be a community driving project and github should be the central point to define the specs of mods and feature requests.

I find that after the proprietary vendors taking advantage of NPOs/NGOs and Donors that the merchant providers run a close second. If we can find a way to transparently team up for all clients, hosted as well as open source, surely we can get a better rate for everyone given the amount of dollars that flow through the system every year.

Please do add this as an issue in github if you want it tracked (as it should be). But I also get everyone is busy. Considering this one closed for now but open to reopen ideas. smile

Edited 28 Jan, 2016 11:52
29 Jan, 2016 15:17

I'll only add it on github if there is movement of some kind, be it integration to tendenci or documentation on how to use one of the external libraries.

In an attempt to make our go live mountain smaller We've decided to go live with paypal and review other gateways once we're up and running so this will definitely be in months rather than weeks.