Is it possible to install on Centos?

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23 Jun, 2017 23:46

Is Ubuntu Really Required? I already have a server running Centos 7 It would be a shame to not use it!

Thanks for a reply, Rick

24 Jun, 2017 22:17

We have users who have Tendenci running on Raspberry Pi's, Macs, Debian and Ubuntu that I know of. Our team just hasn't tested it or targeted anything besides the Debian variants because we try to keep things simple.

Internally we use Dockers quite a bit, so you could just install it inside of a docker phusion/basebox on centos with port forwarding I would think. It might even run on Centos, I just don't know. For example getting it to run on a Mac is a real pain because of the imaging libraries.

I'd say give it a shot and let us know!?