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13 Jan, 2016 00:19

Hi, I'm wondering if its possible to import directories/tarballs/zips of content to tendenci. I'm specifically thinking themes, extra files for themes and bulk import of documents (e.g. for a group).

If there is a way, does it use the file modification times or upload time for its display time?


14 Jan, 2016 09:36

long term - great idea

long term - baseline required. Add to github roadmap and I'll milestone it 8.x if you wish as this will clearly show you were the requestor and give you proper credit.

short term

kgoetz - no short term plans to allow it at this time until we can sandbox it.

Yes, I strongly agree this is a baseline item that must be included. Just not yet. Here's why?

In the windows environment the old wysiwyg editors used to let you upload and then rename the file extension to a whitelist. Some of the whitelisted extensions were things like ".pem" which is a compiled ssh key. Binary. Thus while a good ssh key, it also means it was a potential compromise in the windows environment. While we aren't and don't use windows at all, the exploit potential is still there (a .pem is still a binary executable).

Tendenci SHOULD, as you said allow this to be uploaded and extracted into a sandboxed read write only drive, scan and then push to a usable theme area. But at this time I haven't pushed that yet.

It may help to remember that we are moving everything into dockers (all of our production 7.x sites already are) so a lot of updates aren't pushed to the repo just yet until we can do things like filter out aws keys from /conf/ and the like)

We'll get there and as soon as it is secure it will be made available like the rest of our code. And of course pull requests are welcome.

One other thought - you can ssh into your own server and clone a theme. Update the json file to make it active and work from there. Not ideal, but possible. Just not a good UI. I typically focus on exports first as clients want to know that they can get their data at any time and export whatever they want whenever they want.

Hence /explorer/ in T6+ and if you google "tendenci exports" you'll see how much emphasis we put on exports. I view this as a differentiator from the proprietary competition which makes it hard for you to get your data out and wants you to pay for your OWN DATA!

29 Jan, 2016 15:20

Thanks for the detailed response, now on github

Edited 29 Jan, 2016 15:26
16 Feb, 2016 14:21

Thsnks! Gonna try and get more of this documented.

Two quick questions if you don't mind me asking since we did start in 1997 before php so I'm not sure what is best to form a community that lasts long term.

1) Should we make a new site - like for the forums so people outside of our virtual crew could take on leadership roles if they wanted to? Kinda like and

2) Should I put content like the above on some of the philosophy behind the structure and why on helpfiles? On readthedocs? On the forum? Example - an explanation of entities/groups/committees. Where should that go? Even I use google to find my own writing.


22 Feb, 2016 02:50

While generating community isn't something I have any skills in, I can offer my thoughts:

  • 1) As long as all community members can post on all forums there probably isn't a lot to be gained by moving the forum. I feel you're likely to get more benefit from a forum that allows global subscription (to receive email alerts for things that haven't been created yet) or that allows listing results in pages (e.g. 50 threads per page). It will make it easier for people to get involved which is the key problem that I see to be fixed (certainly a problem i experience on this forum). Is there a lot of leadership/management overhead to running the forum? (e.g. moderation).

  • 2) I think posting background information about why decisions were made is a useful thing, be it in documentation or a comment attached to a merge or commit somewhere. Things that are "proper" documentation should definitely go to the docs. It provides something to debate and consider down the line smile

06 Apr, 2016 21:54

That is wise. I have to admit I'd rather be programming Tendenci than talking about it. But that is kind of like me saying "I want do drive faster rather than stop and ask for directions."

My bad! I greatly appreciate your contributions. It's tough when I look at Drupal and Wordpress communities. But Python programmers and social activists are very different from PHP programmers and CRM web designers. I love Dries and Matt - certainly they are both much more attuned with the community and they are both great leaders. i just see python, GIS, postgres, etc as a wonderful future.

One way you in particular help me is with your detailed, and sometimes very direct, questions on github issues. I like that as a forum because it is independent of our site.

Drupal has, but do we really want to manage another site? I don't.

Plus while Tendenci owns the name, all of the code is open source so that is about as open as I can think of until we get the attention of the Apache Foundation and can give them the trademark. I just don't want any end=user on Tendenci to EVER have to worry they will get played like happens to so many associations when a proprietary company gets bought out by Blackboud, etc....

I'll keep looking for a way to keep it open. Heck, I don't even want to be making all of the decisions. That isn't success. A movement of like minded souls is success. I'm just like you, not a pro at building community, but the greater good is something I wish for.