E-mail Failure

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05 Jun, 2016 11:55


I've been developing a tendenci site, and am now trying to scale it up. All seemed to have gone well but e-mail functionality has been lost.

I can send e-mail fine from a python manage.py shell using;

>>>from django.core.mail import send_mail
>>>send_mail('Subject line', 'Message Body', 'tester@YOURHOST.com', ['YOUREMAIL@somehost.com'], fail_silently=False)

But when i try and send a newsletter from webbrowser it states

"Email relay is not configured properly. Newsletter cannot be sent."

Is there a common error in the settings that prevents the site from sending mail when django can?



Edited 05 Jun, 2016 11:56
10 Jun, 2016 09:18

Hi Iain,

The newsletter uses separate settings for email. Please check if you have the following settings setup in your conf/local_settings.py.

NEWSLETTER_EMAIL_HOST = '<email-host>'
NEWSLETTER_EMAIL_HOST_USER = '<email-host-user>'
NEWSLETTER_EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = '<email-host-password>'

Thanks, Jenny

10 Jun, 2016 09:19

I'll check if we have that documented and update the doc if not.

19 Jun, 2016 02:23

Thanks -all sorted.

Is it also worth putting the above in the settings file just # it out (just another prompt to add the settings in)



23 Sep, 2016 19:55

Glad this is resolved. Adding all of the challenges of email delivery to one giant help file here: