Data migration direct in database

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13 Jan, 2016 00:26

I'm wondering if data can be imported in to the db via the tendenci app models and if this way of doing migrations has been tried before. I'm looking to migrate a lot of data from several previous bits of software and i'm hoping to preserve things like membership histories, page content, custom user settings and other bits that can't be imported through the users import tool (or that there is no import tool available for).

Any information on this way of importing would be most helpful.


13 Jan, 2016 02:04

As an addendum to that question it occurred to me I may be able to use django fixtures to do the data import instead, potentially avoiding some of the complexity of dealing with tendencies db. Does that sound feasible? If yes, is there documentation on the fields in tendencies fixtures so I can write some of my own for testing?

20 Jan, 2016 14:54

Django really doesn't like that. One thing I am still trying to undo a bit in t7.1 is the strict relationships and the cascading deletes.

Using /explorer/ you can definitely export through the UI. lots of import through the UI but a lot of times we fall back on Navicat to do the imports.

20 Jan, 2016 15:27

fixtures sounded like a safer way to do imports but if db->db is considered best practice then i'll go with that. thanks!