Hello Tendenci Admins/Developers.

This guide assumes that you are using a VirtualEnvWrapper. At the end of this guide you will have a new user login with admin access to your tendenci site without need for an admin to create one for you.

This is a quick guide showing you how to create a superuser from the command line.

You need root level access to the server that your tendenci site is installed on.

First, log in to the tendenci server.

ssh root@tendenci-site.com

(This command my not work on your specific linux distribution you may need to log in as another user and issue the 'sudo -i' command to act as the root user)

While logged into the server, you can list the available VirtualEnv's by issuing the 'workon' command.

root@tendenci-site:~# workon

This example list shows the 'tendenci-site' VirtualEnv. Issue this command to enter the VirtualEnv

root@tendenci-site:~# workon tendenci-site

Notice now the VirtualEnv name in parenthesis before the command prompt. You can now enter the site home directory (/var/www/tendenci-site in this case).

(tendenci-site)root@tendenci-site:~# cd /var/www/tendenci-site

While in this directory you are now able to issue the command that will create a superuser.

(tendenci-site)root@tendenci-site:/var/www/tendenci-site# python manage.py createsuperuser

Follow the on-screen prompts and at this point, you should have a new superuser on your site!

Edited 20 Oct, 2015 15:01