Multiple Hidden Categories

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13 Feb, 2016 14:32

Is there support for multiple hidden Categories?

16 Feb, 2016 12:33

Yes, although categories refers to different things throughout the software. In this case I'll answer for forums since that seems like the most likely source of the question.

If you are asking about forums, you can have as many as you wish as well as granular group security. For our internal team we have an entire tree in the forums on this site we use for our daily stand-up meetings along with a chat or video call.

For us we have seven forums here that are all superuser only. Other clients use groups. Just remember that if you make a category hidden in forums, then all child forums and topics in that category will also be hidden.

Is that the question? smile

16 Feb, 2016 12:44

Thanks, that is the question

16 Feb, 2016 14:19