Grant Management

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26 Sep, 2015 19:09

Grant management - full lifecycle. Some posts reposted from old forum.

26 Sep, 2015 19:10

While many of our clients use custom forms with hidden fields to collect data to apply for grants, one thing clearly missing in Tendenci is true grant management.

A while ago there was an open source grant management application written in Ruby on Rails named Fluxx that went private. Luckily, someone forked it before it was taken offline and thus we have a schema to build upon from the previously open source application. It is currently forked by me (this is Ed typing again) on our github at

Given this is the "Roadmap" section of the forums, again I'd like to ask for the communities feedback on how big of a priority grant management integration into Tendenci is for you. As mentioned above we have a schema, it would just need to be rebuilt in Django and Python (not a huge deal, but it would take some time to integrate nicely with Tendenci on Django.)

How much of a priority is grant management to you? Comments, votes up or down, are both appreciated.

26 Sep, 2015 19:10

Repost of reply from VReap Nov 30, 2014

Succinctly speaking, I agree that grant management would be good to have. For our needs, a 3500 person association with annual contributions on the order of $300K, we are able to adequately manage through excel. As we grow however, adequately is becoming more like marginally. For many of our bigger donors/sponsors, maintaining personal contact is vital and capturing key names with contact info as well as charting engagements would be important to our associations officials for continuity and unity of effort. I will say that for us however, at this point it is of medium level priority... In a scale of critical, essential, and enhancing, this would be an enhancing feature for us.