Donor Management

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26 Sep, 2015 19:08

Ideas and needs for donor management beyond accepting donations or basic recurring donations.

09 Oct, 2015 09:07

Question submitted via contact form. Cross posted here for further feedback.

Hi, can a Python Programmer customize Tendenci to do Member to Member donations with TRACKING of all the members and donations ?

This is somewhat of a nuanced question as if you are trying to create a method of transferring money from one individual to another it would make more sense to use or similar. I'm going to try to read into the question a bit further and see if I can answer it that way. - Ed

Answer as of October 2015 on Donor Management in Tendenci

Tendenci is fully open source written in Python on the Django framework. So yes, you can extend it however you wish. The code is at and the documents are at

There is also a feature request section in our forum at and sometimes people will crowd fund a new module. You can register on the forums and post in the "Feature Requests" topic.

Lastly there are companies like who can program Tendenci extensions as they are familiar with it. And yes of course better Donor Management is definitely on the current roadmap. Enhanced donor management in Tendenci is just a question of timing.

There is already a lot of Donor tracking in Tendenci with invoices associated with individuals - we just need to extend it to understand family units and the correlations between people. But if the question is simply "how many donations has person x made?" then that is already built in.

Further ideas and comments are welcome! Register for the forums at smile

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