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08 Mar, 2017 19:55

I have an organization. All the members that are in the organization are in a local chapter. The local chapters are largely self managing and independent from each other. I need to create members at the chapter level. Those members need to have permissions to do admin sorts of tasks for that chapter, but not for other chapters. In addition, individual members in a chapter need to have permissions to do certain tasks. It would be great if chapters could modify their own themes independent of the other chapters. Other, chapter specific, options and settings would be great. Events for a specific chapter, meeting fees for a specific chapter, etc.

Is there a way to do this already? If there is, I can't find out how. If not, I would love to have this feature.

19 Apr, 2017 11:41

@oboingo - This can be done two ways. 1) if the local chapters are not connected to the main site. Or 2) using group permissions on a central site although that takes some security maintenance and auditing.

Longer answer: Tendenci is built on Django which comes out of the newspaper industry. Newspapers have multiple properties and content is published and filtered through those properties. This is done through Django "Sites". For a multinational organization running off of one database with regions and chapters this is the recommended solution. You can read more about Django sites here:

The default install of Tendenci is not configured for sites but it is part of the framework and something a programmer can configure.v

I hope this helps!smile