Accessibility Testing

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01 Oct, 2015 14:24

Tendenci should be 100% accessible. We aren't there yet. If there is something clearly broken in core please post an issue at

However there is also accessibility that passes an online checker but is a pain. Like every image having an alt tag but the alt tags are all image.gif. That feedback is welcome in this thread. smile

Edited 01 Oct, 2015 14:27
01 Oct, 2015 14:26

What is the best method of testing an entire site for accessibility? So far the best accessibility tester I have found and have been using on Tendenci is the Web Accessibility Measurement Tool


21 Feb, 2017 09:41

ADA Web Accessibility


  1. WAVE Webaim: Awesome tool to check how accessible your website is and gives some tips in how to improve it overall.
  2. Grayscale Black & White - High Contrast Theme (Chrome extension): Turns the website grayscale to see how high contrast your website is.
  3. Spectrum (Chrome Extension): You can check and see what some of the color deficiency variations look like through this extension.


W3C - Web Accessibility Tutorial: this pretty great tutorial for ADA compliance.


Videos (Read this article for reasons why)

  1. Tips for creating a transcript file - YouTube Transcript Help File
  2. Place an alt tag on the even though it is a video.
Edited 23 Feb, 2017 10:05