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Tendenci 5 to Tendenci 6 Upgrade

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26 Sep, 2015 16:02

If you are still using Tendenci 5 then it is time to upgrade to Tendenci 7. The biggest single change is the switch to using bootstrap 3 for all themes so be sure to backup and test your themes, or get a new one, before doing the upgrade.

Instructions to upgrade from Tendenci 5 to Tendenci 6 are here: https://tendenci.readthedocs.org/en/latest/upgrade/upgrade-to-tendenci6.html

After which you should immediately upgrade to Tendenci 7 to bump the core django app to 1.8+ https://tendenci.readthedocs.org/en/latest/upgrade/upgrade-to-tendenci7.html

Note that the Tendenci lifecycle is posted here but it WILL CHANGE IF DJANGO CHANGES THEIRS. Expect it. https://www.tendenci.com/tendenci-life-cycle/

Yes we are working to make upgrading smoother and less manual in the future which is what the 7.1 branch of Tendenci is all about. Simplify!

If you need access to the old repos from T5 they are archived here: https://www.tendenci.com/download/release-archive/

Edited 26 Sep, 2015 16:05
14 Apr, 2017 13:05

For more on how to upgrade visit https://tendenci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/