Refactoring - Upgrade Tendenci 7.0.x to Tendenci 7.1.x

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26 Sep, 2015 16:38

To upgrade from Tendenci 7.0.x to 7.1.x please read the technical details at

T7 to T7.1 is mostly a back-end technology change that shouldn't break your theme. Currently the version of Tendenci in pypi is out of sync with the github master repo and we need to fix that. And to simplify the upgrade process. Ironically the process of simplification in the short term does create some short term complexity.

REPEAT Tendenci 7.1 will be pushed to master and pypi as soon as October 1, 2015.

Read the "why" about refactoring Tendenci 7.1 to the master branch in this blog post .

Developers - be sure to check ReadTheDocs for all of the actual Tendenci documentation including technical details on the upgrade process.

If you aren't ready to upgrade, and we are pulling down numerous old repos for sub-modules to prevent people from breaking their sites, those archive files are still available for download if needed at

Feel free to post questions to the forum here, or issues on github at To post in the forums here register on at smile

14 Apr, 2017 13:03

For more on how to upgrade visit

Edited 14 Apr, 2017 13:04