Photo Credit: Stanford via Compfight ccFacebook should pave the road to your website. Used effectively, it can harness the power of personal connections, promote growth and connect individuals with your site. 

From a marketing/sales perspective, Facebook is a free, viable source for lead generation, increasing customer satisfaction and educating your audience about who you are. It reinforces your brand identity.

The Internet is a fluid medium and it's important to create useful and relevant content, connect to the right folks and drive your audience to your site with the most powerful calls to action possible.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

You've got Facebook fans! Now what? Driving traffic from Facebook to your website takes strategy, since each social media platform is different. Time to:

  • Study Your Audience
  • Speak to Your Audience 
  • Engage Your Audience


When your association is new to Facebook, it's study time. Study up on your audience. Learn what they talk about and what they like. Your best friends are people you know a lot about, so make your Facebook friends or fans, your best friends; find out lots about them!


Congrats! You've figured out a little bit about your audience. You know what they're interested in or what they like to talk about. Time to go to work. Photo Credit: HowardLake via Compfight cc

Start talking: update your status often, post pictures, share things across your blog, Facebook, and other social media channels.


This part is a direct follow up to "speak". Once you start talking to your audience, they'll start talking back.

They'll use the comments section or your message inbox or they'll tag you in something. Once that happens, all you have to do is keep talking! Respond to their comments and return thier messages. Engagement is just continuing the conversation.

Wrapping It Up

Your Facebook page is a powerful tool in the fight for a better online presence. The key is consistent content. Once you've started a page, regular maintenance is the only thing that will keep your page growing. And if people are coming back, they'll want to see what you're all about, which turns Facebook likes into site visits into conversions.

Think of it like watering a plant. No water = no plant. No content = no awesome facebook page. Take a look at some of the pages below and see how some of our awesome clients do it.

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Tendenci Clients Doing It Right

We are wicked proud of our amazing clients, take a look at some of the Facebook fanpages that we have helped nurture,. Congrats to their success in keeping the community spirit alive and well!

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