Hello Tendenci Community!

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We've been making some changes around here!  Are you ready to make your move?

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Hello Tendenci Community!

We wanted to let you all know, we've been making some updates to our core applications at Tendenci. Check out our updated Photos, Events, and News Feed layouts for ideas about how to improve your site!

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What is Responsive Design?

I hear this all the time and I don't really know what it means!

Responsive design is just a fancy way to describe making your site easy to use on any mobile device, iPad, etc. Learn more in our Q&A below:

Responsive Design Q&A:

Q:  What is responsive design responding to?
A:  Responsive design just means that it is responding to the width of the screen you're viewing from.  Not all websites are responsive, they might maintain the same basic proportions, making the text small and difficult to read and click.

Q: I'm still not convinced.  What if our users don't use mobile?
A: It's unlikely that that is the case.  Over 50% of all web browsing is happing on mobile devices.  Learn more on our recent Blog Post about Mobile Use!

Q:  I'm already on T7! 
A: Then your site is already responsive!  Want to make improvements?  Contact our development team today for help!
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Get more Visuals!

Upgrade your Photos Module

Is your site doing what it was built to do? Our team can help you tell a compelling story and convert views to actions!


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Update Your Organization's Events 

Make your event more visual

We've added images to your events listings and as a main feature of the Event details page itself.  We've also updated and improved our structured data model so that your events are more searchable.  As always, we post all of our updates on our Github repository, so you can upgrade yourself. Update now!

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Thank you for being part of the Tendenci community!

We are excited about the new changes at Tendenci! Interested in improving your site? Contact us and let's talk about it!

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