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Time is running out - don't let your software expire!

The version of Tendenci you are using to power your website will reach its end-of-life THIS NOVEMBER.

If you are on Tendenci 5, it is time to upgrade. Please see blog post https://blog.tendenci.com/tendenci-5-x-eol-is-approaching-important/

On Tendenci 5? It is urgent that you upgrade to Tendenci 7.

Upgrade to the latest version and continue to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using Tendenci. To confirm which version of Tendenci you are on, login to your site and click the Support menu on the top nav bar. If it says 5.x, then you need to upgrade as explained in the blog post.

Why now? 

Because technology changes and we all have to adapt. Tendenci is built on the Open Source Django framework for optimal scalability and future growth. As announced in December 2015, the version of Tendenci you are running on - t5 - uses a version of Django that is facing its EOL this November. Once they can no longer provide support for an older version, we must adapt for the benefit of our Tendenci community. 

What are the benefits of upgrading?

  • You get to take advantage of all of the NEW FUNCTIONALITY - Community Forums, Upgraded Text Editor, One Button Backups, a Newsletter Generator and Direct Database Access for Reporting.
  • You get a MOBILE-RESPONSIVE site that works on all devices.
  • You get to rest easy knowing you are on the latest versions of the different systems for ongoing SECURITY AND SUPPORT.


Learn more about the Tendenci end-of-life plan - the why, the what and the when - on our blog.



You MUST take action by November of this year to avoid any interruptions to your website functionality!



You can find details about the Tendenci lifecycle and your upgrade options on our website at https://www.tendenci.com/tendenci-life-cycle/ 

Tendenci Life Cycle

What are the next steps?

  1. Read the blog post at https://blog.tendenci.com/tendenci-5-x-eol-is-approaching-important/ which lists all of your options. This includes self-hosted clients, developers, and clients who host with us at Tendenci.

  2. View the Upgrade Package Options at https://www.tendenci.com/tendenci-upgrade-options

  3. Submit an Information Request Form at https://www.tendenci.com/forms/upgrade-information-request/ to discuss your upgrade with a Tendenci Team member. 

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