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7 Valentine's Gifts For Your Techie Sweetheart

Robot Love

Photo Credit: Ashley Coombs via Compfight cc

Geek Love? Do you and your sweetie prefer the glow of an LCD monitor to the glow of a fire?

Would you rather send someone a "Someecard" instead of a "Hallmark" card? If you want to please your lover's inner nerd then the following gifts might be good for your Valentine:


1) A Spotify Subscription

  Spotify Logo

Spotify is a free service that lets you play music on your desktop, phone or tablet.

$9.99/month lets you ditch the ads (who wants to listen to hair removal ads) and download high-quality versions of songs.

Cruise the open road with your honey's playlist all queued up, sans commercials.


2) Lab Made Diamonds

Lego Mini-Miner  

How would you like to give your sugar-bear a diamond without all of the social cost that diamond mining brings?

You can “do good” and “do good” at the same time.

Lab made diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, but no one had to endanger their life for your little bling.

Photo Credit: brickstuff via Compfight cc


3) Projection Keyboard

  Projection Keyboard

You don't have to be embarassed by failed auto-correct texts any longer!

Get your fat-fingered friend a projection keyboard for their iPhone or Android.

Imagine the freedom you'll feel when those other fingers get the chance to type away and give your thumbs a break!

Photo Credit: aplumb via Compfight cc


4) Chromecast

Google Chromecast  

$35!!!! Cheaper than a dozen roses but guaranteed to get you cuddled up on the sofa watching Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Google Play, Vimeo, etc.

It’s gonna make you look like a genius too. How 'bout spending the night with hot cocoa and reliving phone videos from your past….

Gets me all verklempt. If that’s not your style, maybe you need to catch up on Walking Dead?


5) Extra Device Chargers

  Stormtrooper Cables

Keep your love energized!

Avoid the stress & blues of a depleted charge.

This is your change to give your Lumpkins an extra charger for the car, or a multi-device USB charger.

Or heck, why not a solar-powered charger for the outdoorsman in your life.

Photo Credit: Jim Bauer via Compfight cc


6) Pebble

Pebble Watch  

Shut the door, James Bond!

Your new smart-watch-phone-app-thingy is here!!!

Do long division. Listen to music. Keep track of your exercise. Oh, and keep time.

People have been waiting for this since the 60s. It’s your chance to make a tech-dream-come-true.

Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht via Compfight cc


7) Desk Daisy

  Desk Daisy

Adorable & super cute.

This will add a splash of color and a happy thought to your flame's desk.

It's not as passionate as a dozen roses either, so it's great for the bestie that you would like to make smile.



A big thanks to Mary, Tabby, Becky, Rachel, Jenny, Jonti and Carla for the great Tendenci Tribe suggestions.

Put me down for a Fandango gift card and a "Beer and Cheese Pairing" at St. Arnold's Brewing Company.


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