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Recurring Donations


Appeal to Your Donor Base with Smaller, Recurring Donation Options 

Trend reports show donors moving away from large December donations and toward smaller, monthly automatic donations. This helps donors - and you - even out their expenses - and your revenue - throughout the year.
Use the Forms module on your Tendenci site to set up recurring donations with either set and/or open amount options and watch your donor base grow!


More on Recurring Donations



Dashboard Statistics


Dashboard Statistics to Start Your Day 

What is your dashboard telling you?

Get a bird's-eye view of your site activity each morning when you log in to your Tendenci website.

Informative graphs on your dashboard show upcoming events, new and renewing members, popular pages, and more info to recap recent activity and focus the day's efforts.



Tendenci version 11


Tendenci Version 11 Rolling Out in 2019

We are excited to release Version 11 of Tendenci to our growing community! The latest version includes the most updated versions of all underlying platforms for optimal security and performances, plus loads of new features.

Many thanks to all who made suggestions and the dedication of our open source community to bringing these features to life.

Watch for further notifications about upgrading your site to Tendenci 11!


View the Release Notes on GitHub



Spring of 2018 Coupon: 10% off all development work. Book it and pay by April 30, 2018.


A New Year - A New YOU!

Let 2019 be the year you budget for a marketing boost. Whether you are ready for a complete overhaul or just looking for a design refresh, we are eager to work with you on getting the look and features you want.

We are offering 10% off all development work booked by January 31.

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Tendenci!

Our offices will be closed December 24 through January 1. We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and look forward to another fantastic year! 




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